Submissions are open!

We are looking for content from writers, photographers, and artists for iola magazine. What we can offer you is an opportunity to have your submissions included in a beautiful publication, alongside other writers and artists that have a similar heart to yours. If your submission/s are chosen you will have full credit and a headshot and a 100 words bio included in the magazine, including a link in the magazine and on the website. We have a growing online community of readers and contributors for you to join. You will be able to buy copies of iola at a discounted rate to offer to your own readers, re-sell at events or on your own website. You will be able to include a giveaway if you have a book or product. We will promote your article via our channels and you will have access to images and badges to include on your site or to use on social media.

If you wish to submit something please make sure that you have read and are aware of the current copy’s content. Please read about who our intended reader is and what she is looking for from iola here.


Once you have filled in the form below, then email your article to We will endeavour to respond within two weeks. If we want to use your article, we will require a headshot and a biography paragraph about you. We require original content that has not been published elsewhere. We are looking for hope-filled articles from a Christian perspective between 400-1000 words in length. The articles should be from a “me too” and encouraging voice, rather than a “how-to” viewpoint, if in doubt always keep the iola reader in mind and what she would love to hear. Please have someone read and check for grammar and spelling before submitting. If using bible verses, please include references and version. Articles should be in a word or google doc named by your article title and your name.


If submitting photos then please email a low res version initially. You can submit more than one. We will only use content that has not been used elsewhere and to which you have the copyright.

If we want to use your photos we will then require your photos to be for print so they will need to be 300 dpi and if full page, then page size is: 216 by 280 mm. We will contact you if your submission is accepted.

If a photo is to go with an article then 150 mm x 100 mm approx will be fine.

We are looking for one stunning landscape image for a double page spread in which case the size will be: 432 mm x 280 mm approx.

Headshots will need to be 50 x 50 mm, 300 dpi.

Deadline for submissions is May 14th 2018.

The next issue will have the one-word theme of Bloom.

We will be looking for:

Articles on creativity
Articles on mental health
Articles on wellbeing
Light-hearted stories of life
Articles on relationships
An article on your home city and favourite places (will need photos for this too)
A devotional
Personal stories of hope
A short story for children
Playlists of songs around a theme
Creative prompts
Books or products for giveaways

High-quality imagery of flowers, nature, scenery, lifestyle.

Artwork such as hand-lettered quotes, bible verses etc.


When is the publication date?

September 2018

Does it matter where I live?

No, we have an international team of contributors.

Do I need to write with American or British English spelling?

Write with your native English spelling. We think that adds to your authentic voice and gives the publication character.

Do I need a photo to go with my article?

No. Unless it is for the city article, then we will need some.

Can I include a photo/s to go with my article?

Yes, but please see the specifications on what will be required under the photo heading.

Do I have to have a website/blog to submit?

No, but we generally take submissions from those who are writing regularly and well. But if your article is a good fit then we would love to see it.

Can I submit more than one article or photos?


I’ve submitted before, can I submit again?


If you have any further questions please email them to with ‘question’ in the subject header.