Below is a list of all the playlists we have put together.

Deep playlist

For ‘iola living life well even in the deep’ issue, we have created a playlist that complements the theme of the content of iola. We hope that you will be able to listen to these songs whilst reading your copy of iola which is available in January 2019.

We love these songs by these artists and think they suit the themes of articles coming in iola but the inclusion of these artists in the playlist doesn’t suggest they have endorsed the magazine!

So if you have Spotify you can listen to this playlist here:

If you don’t have Spotify just search out these songs on your favourite player and create your own playlist – we are sure you will love them!

Peace playlist

This is the peace playlist by Libby John that was in the Bloom issue of iola.

Bloom playlist

This is the bloom playlist made to complement the iola: Bloom issue.

iola magazine bloom

Give thanks playlist

This give thanks playlist was put together by Libby John and is from the tulip issue.

iola magazine playlist

This is the first playlist put together to complement the first issue of iola magazine, affectionately known as the tulip issue.

iola 1 playlist