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I’ve been thinking about peace lately and what it really means to live a life knowing “sweet peace” like the title of one of the songs in the playlist refers to. Jesus said, “Consider the lilies, they don’t labor or spin” to become what they were already designed to be. (Matthew 6:28)

Jesus suggested we should be taking our cues from them on living a life of peace and surrender. The cycle of nature has a surrendering season. In order to regenerate, the trees and the flowers must completely give themselves away. The seed pods fall and blow in the wind to multiply and the petals of the tulips eventually float to the ground to return nutrients to the bulbs buried beneath the soil.

The blooming season is beautiful and glorious and causes us to stop and linger a while but the blooms are the result of the surrendered work that had been done in a resting, dormant season. God designed transformation to occur in these dark, unseen places. A caterpillar’s cocoon actually becomes its tomb as it dies to what it once was. Yet there are no words to explain the transformation that occurs when a glorious butterfly emerges from what looked like a death trap the caterpillar had wrapped itself in.     

Watching this transformation take place over and over again in nature is starting to make me wonder…maybe peace IS in the surrendering to resting in these dark, dormant seasons. A tulip cannot force its flower to emerge before its undoing takes place underneath the earth’s surface. It does not worry or strive, it simply allows the undoing and transformation to occur and then eventually, we see it bloom.

Libby John is a creative artist of many forms. As a singer/songwriter, she debuted her first album in Oct. 2017. Libby is also a choreographer who teaches hip hop and modern dance classes. She has a passion to spur others on to be an influence on the culture through their faith & artistry which led her to create the podcast “Art & Faith Conversations”. Libby is a lover of small beginnings and finding beauty in the ordinary. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband and 3 daughters. Libby can be found sharing her creative journey and prayerful devotionals through songs at

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