our dear iola reader

Our iola reader is precious to us and we want to encourage her. This is who she is and what she likes, she is probably a lot like you and your stories will resonate with her. Treat her as a friend.
The iola reader is a design-loving, creative woman in her thirties, married with young children. She is slightly overwhelmed by the responsibility of parenting and has a difficult relationship with some members of her extended family. She is creative and music loving and has struggled with her mental health.
She has struggles with working and being a mum and how to pursue her passions amidst the daily life. This is sometimes overwhelming and she feels like she is losing her sense of identity amongst the never-ending loads of laundry and meal prep and cleaning.
She has a faith in and a relationship with God but might describe it as complicated. She is hurting and tired and feels somewhat stuck. She wants simplicity, space to breathe and feels alive when outside looking at a beautiful view or flowers. She would love to travel more and is eager to hear from writers who live in other countries.
Her idea of a simple treat is a cup of coffee in a coffee shop on her own with a magazine – a chance to read uninterrupted. We want iola to be that magazine.