iola playlist 1

iola 1 playlist

For the first issue of iola magazine we have created an iola playlist. A playlist of songs compiled to complement the theme and articles in iola. If you love these songs, you’ll love iola. Grab a cup of coffee, put on the playlist and settle in to read iola.

There are two playlists in the magazine this is the first one from page fifteen. On page thirty-four we have another, Give thanks playlist compiled by artist Libby John alongside her piece on having a heart of thanksgiving.

iola 1 playlist

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here.



4 thoughts on “iola playlist 1

  1. Abi- thank you for this beautiful playlist! It a privildge to share this new exciting journey with you friend. 🙂 To God be all the praise.

    1. I’m so glad you are a part of it Betsy! Amen.

  2. Thank you for your inspiring Blog – I receive it in my email and love the way your write.
    I am in Sough Africa and cannot unfortunately download ‘Spotify’ – it is not available to SA customers – do you have your ‘Iola’ playlist on any of the other Apps? With kind regards Lynne

    1. Hi Lynne, Thanks so much for reading. If you use something else then you could search the song titles and artists which are in the phone photo above.

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