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Abi dreamt up the idea for iola magazine, she has been creating magazines since she was a child and has been writing online for the past six years. She approached a group of writer friends from the US, UK, Canada and Australia to help put together the first issue of iola magazine.

Abi is a designer and writer living with her husband and three children in Oxfordshire, UK. She is passionate about encouraging others in creativity for their mental wellbeing. She loves taking photo walks and spotting beauty in nature.

She has written 3 self-published books and can be found at and posts on instagram @abipartridge.



Amber Salhus is a wife, mom, blogger, house-flipper, comedy lover, and burgeoning farmer. She lives in the Oregon countryside with her husband, their two kids, and their ever-growing list of animals. She openly shares the adventures of dreaming big in the middle of motherhood, navigating the creative process, and finding the humor in all of it at

Amber writes on Creativity in ‘Nothing is wasted’



Becky L McCoy lives on the Connecticut coast with her two precocious and hilarious children. She once enjoyed teaching high school physics and now tells her story of loss, grief, and joyful living on her blog. Having struggled with depression and anxiety and experienced several seasons of grief and struggle, Becky is passionate about creating an online community where people share their stories and encourage one another to choose to live bravely and authentically through disappointment and discouragement.

You can find Becky on all forms of social media @BeckyLMcCoy, on her blog at, and her podcast Sucker Punched.

Becky writes on ‘Choosing Brave’


Carly Thomson is a dynamic speaker, writer, and author of the tween-girl faith trilogy, Truth Seekers and young adult novel, The Freedom Sound. She is a teacher, a devotional writer, a contributor to faith magazines, devotionals and blog sites and is the founding director of She Collective, a movement helping young women discover their identity and self-worth, where she coaches & mentors young women.

If Carly is not writing, you’ll find her playing, exploring and adventuring with her family OR completely lost in a good book with a cup of tea and a cookie.

Carly writes a short story to read to your children called The Perfect Recipe
and shares an excerpt from her new book Truth Seekers which we have 10 copies to give away.


Charlotte Osborn is an evangelist at heart and she’s passionate about sharing the good news of God’s love & hope with the world. She is a speaker and event facilitator who seeks to encourage others to find creative ways to share their own stories. Her website is

As a qualified nurse, she runs her own home care business, supporting people through the many changing seasons of their lives. She has 3 fantastic grown-up children who she counts as friends and she lives in the beautiful Cotswolds UK with her equally fantastic husband!

Charlotte shares some of her story of hope in For those who live in a land of deep shadows.


Elli Johnson has been blogging at for over 4 years. She writes about mental health, creativity, beauty and the chaos of family life. She is a professional child wrangler, (over)thinker, and tea drinker.

Elli lives in Liverpool with the river Mersey at the bottom of the road.

To find her newest and most exciting work, check out:

Elli writes about Self care for when you are coming out of a time of depression and A benediction for fools. She also contributed some beautiful photos.


Elizabeth Duncan Stretar, (Cleveland, Ohio) is the mother of 8 married adults, grandmother to 16, and enjoys spending her empty-nest time with husband, Frank. She is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary (MACL), Young Life’s first national director and currently working as a major airline Flight Attendant. Stretar’s passion is to help others live an above and beyond kind of life, by encouraging them to realize their untapped potential, discover their life-purpose that strives to make a difference in the lives of others.

She’s a published author of children’s book, Acorn Gert & Brother Bert (Halo Publishing, 2016) and blogs at Elizabeth Duncan Stretar: Above and Beyond Mid-life

Betsy encourages mothers in Motherhood: one season of many.


Janine Dilger is a Canadian writer who loves Jesus, her family, and a steaming mug of coffee in a quiet kitchen before the day begins. God wired her with an eye for beauty: nature, art, photography, design and words—these things whisper refreshment into her soul. She is as broken as they come and has way more questions than answers. But after a life’s worth of hard lessons, she is realizing the trick is to just keep her feet moving. To that end, she’s doing her best at navigating the twists and turns of this life with faith, hope, and humour. You can find Janine blogging about her journey at

Janine writes an in-depth piece about seasonal affective disorder in ‘The Long Winter’.


Jody Collins is a vibrant speaker and retreat facilitator, and author of “Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas.” Recently retired from over 20 years of teaching, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. Jody and her husband call the Seattle area home where she loves spending any extra time in the garden. You can find her writing weekly about faith/life discoveries at can read more of Jody’s poetry on her poetry blog Another Facet.

Jody writes a beautiful poem ‘Pressed into Joy’.


Kimberly Coyle is a freelance writer and an adjunct professor of writing with an MFA in creative non-fiction. She has written for publications such as In Touch Magazine, Fathom Magazine, (in)courage, and Grace Table. When not writing or teaching, she dabbles in photography and can be found on Instagram as @kacoyle.

She writes regularly online at

Kimberly writes an introduction to Books for armchair traveller. She also shares some photos.


Laura Thomas is a published Christian author with a heart for inspiring and encouraging readers of all ages. She is truly multi-genre – with a published Christian teen fiction trilogy, marriage book, children’s stories, devotionals for Union Gospel Press, her blog, and she now has a literary agent representing her Christian romantic suspense novel. Laura is English and Canadian, married to her high school sweetheart, mom of three, passionate about faith and family… and chocolate!

Laura shares with us what Kelowna, her hometown is like in Explore, Dream, Discover: Kelowna, BC, Canada. We have a copy of her book ‘Pearls for the bride’ a non-fiction for newlyweds to give away.


Libby John is a creative artist of many forms. As a singer/songwriter, she debuted her first EP in 2016 and her first album in Oct. 2017. Libby is also a choreographer who works for local universities and high school musicals, she teaches hip-hop and modern dance classes. She has a passion to spur others on to be an influence on the culture through their faith & artistry which led her to create the podcast “Art & Faith Conversations”. Libby is a lover of small beginnings and finding beauty in the ordinary.  She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband and 3 daughters.

Libby can be found sharing her journey and prayerful devotionals through songs at

Libby shares a Giving Thanks playlist and writes on having a heart of thanksgiving.


Niki Hardy is a Brit in the USA, a cancer survivor and pastor’s wife, a fresh air junkie and tea drinker. As a speaker and blogger her candid, humorous storytelling helps us find humor and grace in the darkest place, and learn to laugh and trust God when all we want to do is scream. When she’s not speaking, writing or running trails with her Doodles, she can be found trying to figure out which of the three remote controls actually turns the TV on.

You can find her, encouragement, and lots of practical resources at

Niki writes a humorous yet poignant story in I stole a bra!


Sarah E. Frazer writes and lives in a brick house at the end of Thomas Road with her husband, five kids, a cat, a dog, and five chickens. Motherhood is her calling but her passion is to inspire focus and encourage deep-rooted Bible study for the busy mom. Life is full of seasons, but every season can be made more peaceful when time is spent in God’s word. Join Sarah on her favorite social media space: Instagram. Or you can find her on her blog,

Sarah writes a devotional called God is in the whisper. We have a copy of her book ‘The Glorious Ordinary, An invitation to study God’s word in your everyday life’ to give away.

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