The depths of despair

The depths of despair
Does anyone care?
Can’t see the way out
I am in the deep now
Too far down to get back up.

Only way out is to go through,
Into the depths with you.
Down but never alone
Your love is deeper than the darkness.

Undertow of grace
In the absence of light,
You are the flicker in the night.
Getting through is not as scary
When we journey with you.

Carry this heart and mind
In the valley of bones,
Death beats longer than life.
Keep me still in the doubt,
Rain down
Help me root down
In the heart of truth.

The lies they tangle,
At my ankles they climb
Taking over the mind.
Overcoming you come
To the darkness and tangles
The depths of webs.

Darkness is real, but
Not void of the light.
Journeying with love
Through the void of night.

Despair no more dear heart,
God is holding you even in
The depths of the valley of night
His light shines brighter in the darkness.

Hannah Cox is a student, cat mom, blogger, avid reader, coffee drinker, book reviewer and budding artist. She lives in Frisco, Texas with her family and ever-growing collection of books and mugs. She openly shares her struggles and lessons as a young adult while growing through it all at and posts on Instagram @okaygypsy.
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